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Starflake by Mahsira



Masakari-gif by MahsiraGriffsnuff listening music by MahsiraCM-Talarik Gif by MahsiraFabiKun-gif by MahsiraCM-Limbo by MahsiraMeteor-gif by MahsiraSamcattu-gif by MahsiraSkipSkid-gif by MahsiraQuincy-gif by MahsiraKala-gif by MahsiraGossin-gif by MahsiraNekrozs-gif1 by MahsiraJulien-gif by MahsiraNekroz-gif by MahsiraAngelos-gif by MahsiraRocotaco gif by MahsiraSkye-gif by MahsiraMah new dance move by MahsiraNickel gif by MahsiraKarraki-gif by MahsiraMonster gif by MahsiraWindsong gif by MahsiraZeera gif by MahsiraSandwave gif by MahsiraTerasuchan gif by MahsiraXeshaire gif by MahsiraKocha gif by MahsiraSuriah gif by MahsiraMini gif by MahsiraJenkstar-gif by MahsiraMeliChen-gif by MahsiraTahuma gif by MahsiraAllenChorme gif by MahsiraTofu-Gif by MahsiraRin-gif by MahsiraDrea-gif by MahsiraMoohiss-gif by MahsiraLuxuryCat-gif by MahsiraUniBat-gif by MahsiraKonveekou gif by MahsiraOnigiry-gif by MahsiraFelisneon gif by MahsiraBlixx Comet gif by MahsiraLuxury-Cat-gif by MahsiraMizmy-gif by MahsiraNasrin Rose-gif by MahsiraGato-gif by MahsiraAleyn gif by MahsiraTara gif by MahsiraJacob-gif by MahsiraRed-eyes-jaguar-gif by Mahsira


Color Sketch (Pencil/Digital) -$5 (+$5 extra character)
color doodle-Vemskark by MahsiraStar Dust color sketches by Mahsira

Character + Simple Background -$20 (+$5 extra character)
Raining  Wings Tail and Starry Eye by MahsiraVemskark -full color drawing by MahsiraDIII by Mahsira

Character + Detail Background -$25 (+$7 extra character)
I am Not Your Baby by MahsiraCrystal Fiend by MahsiraThere you are by Mahsira

Chibis Art -$15 (+$5 extra chatacter)
Shivi Cape by MahsiraCoro Cape by Mahsira

Animated gif -$20~$25 (with 3-5 frames ,depend on the movement)
Mah new dance move by MahsiraNickel gif by MahsiraSandwave gif by Mahsira


:damphyr:How do I pay ?
I accept cash(better US) and sometime point . I use paypal to charge .

:damphyr:What type of art you draw ?
In species ,I draw any kind of animal including human .I prefer drawing with pretty big eyes ,so most of my style are trend to adorable and cute . In animation icon ,now I only accept 3~4 frames of dancing movement , I'll try to add something new in the future .

:damphyr:How long will you take in doing the commission ?
Depends on the kind of art you requested , if you request character art with simple or no background,I usually done it around 1~2 days .And if you request the detail background picture or animated icon ,I usually done it in 3~4 days ,sometimes would be longer .

:damphyr:Can I pay with Points ?
Yes ,you can .^___^

My Character

Mahsira ref by MahsiraMahsira
Pin ref by MahsiraPin
Pon ref by MahsiraPon
TBD ref by MahsiraThat.Bad.Dream
Vemskark reference by MahsiraVemskark
Mistery reference 2014 by MahsiraMistery
H2O the Glameow by MahsiraH2O the Glameow


To Do List


:star-empty:haven't start yet
:star-half:in progress
:star:done the part
:star::star::star:Done !

In Progress

:iconulquijowwtra: Animted Icon (waiting for payment)

Friends and Idols

.: Read the comments :. Stamp by Beti-Kot:Comment Stamp by xSweetSlayerx

Please Join <3 :

My bro and sis :

Friends :

where are you from ?

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New Icon and Personal Updated

Mon Dec 1, 2014, 6:29 AM
2013 Header photo Journal-Header-2013_zps18080306.gif


I have been working on these icon for quite a while ,for Xin,Coro and Shivi , they're great friends plus amazing artists *u* ! And added each of us a represented season  ,Xin's character Nickelfrost is Spring ,He's surround by  many blossom roses ; Cocoroll is Autumn ,Her surrounding is filled with maple leaf ; Shivita is Winter ,the whole place is covered with snow ; and Mahsira is Summer , some how it turns out more like sunset ,because some how I can't find the proper color for summer xP .  I decided to post it later after I send to each one of them ,making a little surprise for my best pals x3 . Those are the people I have a great memory with since I joined DA . I'd like to make each on you an icon if I could , but I never got time because I already got burn out after I done all those animated icon *v* . And wish our friendship can last forever :D ,I always think of going to any of your country for a visit x3 !

And the second part makes me a little upset ,and wish it will goes through pretty soon ... This month ,I just receive the notification from the military said I have to take a long period time training that last for a year . So between these times I might not being this active like I always do *____*  . Now my feeling is a little bit complex ,I'm so nervous that what will happen when I get there ,but also happy that I can continue my future plan when I finish the training . The worst part is I can't do the thing I like the most ... If you want to contact ,you can still write a note for my or just comment on any of my pages ,it might leave here for a while until I have time to read them ,but I definitely appreciated if you do so >u< .

It's such a shame that I have to have this training at this moment ... That mean I might stuck in the camp for whole 2015 -.- , but there're so many movie I have await which most of them are released next year . I seldom be this excited for a movie came out ,this year has many movie that I can truly expect its arrival >u< . I really curious what "Big Heroes 6" might looks like in Disney/Pixar style ? and if you don't know ,I'm a big marvel fan now thanks to their movie series , still waiting till "Age of Ultron" came out ,I like the new design of Ultron ,kind of remind me of transformer movie ...but better >u< . And also STAR WARS VII will come out in 2015 December !? I never though Star Wars would have a sequel in this generation , and now it's happening xD . The teaser trailer of star wars sounds really promising ,gonna love that cross guard lightsaber and ball-rolling R2 <3 I put the trailer link if any of you are curious ;) 

Big Heroes 6

Age of Ultron


  • Mood: Love
  • Listening to: Daft Punk ,Madeon ,Caravan Palace
  • Reading: Dota 2 lore , Little Prince
  • Watching: Steven Universe,Adventure Time,Gregory Horror Show
  • Playing: Bioshock infinite ,Steampunk stuff
  • Eating: Pasta ,Grilled Pudding and Salad
  • Drinking: Bubble tea ,Vodka and Apple Juice

What do you feel when you draw ? 

54 deviants said Relaxed ?
17 deviants said Happy ?
11 deviants said Nervous ?
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6 deviants said Sad ?

About Me

Starflake by Mahsira
How liquid roll by Mahsira


KaiWei (Mahsira)


Sep 2nd




Hybrid(70%Cat 20%Bird 10%Other Creature)

I LIke:

Drawing ,Photograpy ,Oberved bird, Eat ,Handicraft
Hello I'm Mahsira , I like to draw , I draw everything I want but also the style , I'm glad I can share my drawing on this page so everyone can leave their comment and discussed it . I also love doing the animation ,small to gif bigger to the full story animation . I don't really matter if you want to draw the style like mine .I'll be appreciate if you draw my character as you want. :D

Stuff that I do

I draw any type of drawing ,human ,animal ,scenery or also animation . I really want to try do some product design also ,which I really interested in :D

Contact Me

:star:Skype: note me if you want to add me :3

Pixel Mahsira by Mahsira

My Favorite works

Pumpkin Candy by MahsiraGG by MahsiraChandelure NineTail fusion by Mahsira2014 by MahsiraVisage by MahsiraRaining  Wings Tail and Starry Eye by MahsiraWINGS TAIL by MahsiraOutworld Devourer by MahsiraDiie by MahsiraThank you by MahsiraGuardian of the Lamb by MahsiraJourney of Revive by MahsiraThe Blue Viper by MahsiraBONK by MahsiraFlame Beauty by MahsiraJiang-Shi by MahsiraGalaxy Phoenix and Lantern by Mahsira

What I Like ?

Mahsira by Xin-tetsu
Amnesia Stamp by WeirdHyenaAdventure Time Stamp by Trillo-LilloMLP: Friendship is Magic Stamp by ecokittySteam Stamp by badtraneStamp- TF2: Meet the Red Team by anime-dragon-tamerAperture Science Stamp by UnionPacific4012Journey Stamp by C-PuffPortal 2 Stamp by parallellogicLeft 4 Dead Stamp AnimatedPNG by badtraneHalf-life 2 stamp by DroneguardPewDiePie Stamp by TwilightProwlerLinkin Park Stamp by Sora05TWD Game Stamp by angelbebop8Invader Zim - Dance by winter-ameInvader Zim's GIR Stamp by dn-revengehappy tree friends by zomestampBioShock 2 Stamp by UzakaGearBioshock Stamp by boneworksMecha by skinnyveestampRegular Show Stamp: Ohhh Spin by Zenitywolf stamp by war-armorFievel Support Stamp by ChippingChart66Gravity Falls Stamp 2012 by ScittyKittyDOTA 2 Stamp by ZakafeinDOTA 2 Stamp: Jakiro by Dingo-Sniper

Half Life 2 Stamp by xXCougarXxPortal 2 Stamp by xXCougarXxWelcome to Columbia by BlackHolesWolfTF 2 the sniper dance gif by Biohazard7788


:iconwelovesweetlullaby: :iconchristmas-surprise: :iconmasakari-fanclub: :iconfurry-pikis:



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